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The Big Table
Wood: Genuine Mahogany and Wenge
Other Material: Steel
Size: 52" x 158"

This massive dining table was designed to fulfill the many needs of a Montana vacation home where dinner time is synonymous with story time. This couple wanted an expansive top with plenty of room to comfortably seat 16, as well as enough width to seat two people at each end. They also were planning on using a few armchairs, so clearance was vital. And lastly, they wanted the top to be made from large planks. The obvious choice for a table this size was Genuine Mahogany, which is both massive and stable. I happened to have 7 or 8 gorgeous planks, all over 18" in width. I needed to support the top without the use of an apron.
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This accommodated the armchairs, without damaging the armrests. Thus, I bent and laminated two mahogany stringers to carry the load. The steel tie-rod both controls their flex and doubles as a comfortable, durable footrest. The top consists of three planks, balanced for color and grain, joined with large Wenge butterflies. The hand-rubbed oil finish in the rich, red mahogany, continues to grow richer and more beautiful with each passing season.