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Cherry Library With Desk
Wood: Pennsylvania Cherry
Size: 24" by 18' x 180"

This project dealt with an all too common issue with homeowners. Once a particular wood has been introduced into a home, the owners will often 'ride that horse into the ground'. The more they use the same wood, the more difficulties they experience when attempting to introduce another specie (color, grain, texture, etc.). On the other hand, well balanced woods go a long way to bring out the best in each other. Case in point. All the wood in this house was bleached oak. When I recommended a wood in the library like cherry, they wanted to know if it could be bleached. "Why', I asked? "So it will match of course." Really? A library is a sanctuary. It stands on it's own. It doesn't need to "match" anything.
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After some hand holding, we placed several finished samples in the naturally well lit room. After seeing this, they decided on the golden glow of natural (unstained) cherry. This is an important point; unstained. With a well designed, well built cabinet, table, etc., the wood is balanced for tone and color, thus pleasing to the eye. Variations in grain and color are at the heart of the wood's beauty. Without balance the effect can be most unpleasing. With the latter, the only recourse is to 'stain' the piece. Yes, this will hide the imbalance by neutralizing the different shades in the wood. However, the unwanted effect is the loss of the natural beauty of the wood. The inherent color variations are severely diminished, as are the interesting qualities of the wood itself. Remember, it's always important to preserve the quality of the wood.
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Taking the time and effort to match panels and mouldings, balance door rails and stiles, etc., result is a one-of-a-kind piece that brings a joy and comfort to everyone.