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Mahogany Mantle
Wood: Crotch Mahogany Veneer,
G. Mahogany and Cocobolo
Size: 54" x 78"

This fireplace treatment was the finishing touch for a remodel add-on in a small craftsman style home. The client's desire was to create a warm, cozy place to relax with friends, family and their dog, Cooper. With oak floors and cherry cabinets, they wanted the fireplace to tell it's own story. A story of early 1900's hand-crafted details influenced by the works of Greene and Greene. Best of all they wanted to "hear the wood" and for people to reach out and touch it. My kind of people. Working closely with the clients, whom are very dear friends, we were able to design and select the wood for natural color and grain. The frame and top has an oil rubbed finish.
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The crotch mahogany panels were then prefinished with varnish to enhance the flame effect in the grain. With the addition of recessed lighting under the mantle, the 'flames' really pop out at night. From the fixed-tenon shoulder joints to the rosewood pegs, this particular craftsman style is a labor of love well worth the journey. I would be hard-pressed to imagine any clients enjoying anything I have ever made more then this couple enjoys their craftsman mantle.