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Teak Sinks and Cabinets
Wood: Teak and Maple
Size: 37" x 116"

Every once in awhile a project comes along that is tough to let go of. This set of matched sinks and cabinets came together, outshining the sum of their parts. These clients, having spent a lifetime on the ocean and building custom yachts, knew the vibe they wanted, and they also knew they wanted something special. Anyone who has worked with teak can tell you it's wonderful working qualities. The sweet scent of fresh-cut teak is like catnip to passersby. But when I shared my ideas on matching turned teak bowls, I understandably was met with some skepticism. Finally, after addressing their concerns regarding water and wood, I got the green light.
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Countertops and sinks were laminated as one. so the color and grain patterns are nearly a perfect match. The sinks were first turned and shaped on the lathe, checked for fit, then sanded and finished on the lathe as well. They were then bedded into a recessed groove under the countertop with removable clips to facilitate refinishing, The raised sinks at 37 inches, met the client's wishes, while the lower sections helped to unclutter the tops. The subtle curve of the cabinet faces are enhanced by the balanced grain throughout.

Every once in awhile…