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African Bar
Woods: Macassar Ebony, African Mahogany, Wenge and Curly Maple
Size 42" x 74"

My parents, having traveled the world extensively, shared a strong affection for the continent of Africa. While I have been fortunate enough to travel to Africa twice, my real passion for the Dark Continent grew from the writings of Wilbur Smith. From the age of 14 on, textbooks took a distant second to the W.S. novels. With this common appreciation in tow, we set off to design a new "watering hole" in their living room. If only designing cabinets was always this much fun. If you look hard, you can find a few straight lines in the back somewhere. Give me a pencil and straight edge and I will show you how to draw circles. The cabinet face is Macassar Ebony.
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This is from Brett Hesser's shop in San Diego. After letting me scowl through many flitches this cut literally sang to me. The beauty of a good book match shows itself in the symmetrical shapes that appear centered in the seams. This is often accomplished by placing a mirror on edge, parallel with the veneer's grain. By sliding the mirror slowly across the veneer's face, the changing images are exposed. The more dramatic the grain, the more dramatic the change. The faces of zebra and antelope are charging right out of the veneer. Both the dark Wenge corbels, carved to look and felt like the horn of the majestic Sable antelope, and the African Mahogany top, are a near perfect match to the wood tones in this Macassar Ebony veneer. And lastly, the legs are carved from curly Maple.
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Thus, giving the tusk-like forms an iridescent life of their own. I would like to thank my parents for giving me the desire and opportunities to be creative and push myself like I did on this project. I also want to thank my father, Bill Poole, for the many amazing adventures we shared together. Wherever you are Dad, just know I'll be thinking of you when I am reading W.S. while sipping a C.C.