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The Entryway
Wood: Curley Sepele
Size: 72" x 80"

Most people enjoy going on vacation, but everyone loves coming back to their home. Why is that? Well, there's no place like home. But, more to the point, we find comfort in familiar places, thus the more we 'shape' our living space, the more 'comfort' we feel in it. At least that's how it should work. That being said, the entryway is the "portal" into you and your family home. It can say anything from "keep away" to "welcome home", and it sets the tone for what's going on inside. The entryway, set into a wall of rock, needed to let in lots of natural light, and still appear to support a crown of stone. The tapered legs and subtly arched top create the visible support.
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The obscured glass lets in plenty of light and offers a texture a similar to the roughness of the stone. When considering both door design and finish, of utmost importance is the doors exposure to weather and sunlight. Fortunately, this entry is north facing, and in San Diego this means protection from southeast storms and no direct sunlight. This is critical when considering a wood door with a clear finish. With this in mind, we selected one of the four matched planks of unusually figured ribbon matched sepele, which I had acquired seven years previously. The two inch thick plank was then sliced on a band saw into 1/8" thick veneers to face both sides of the door and sidelights. This resawing of a single plank created a visually balanced door with respect to both the color and the grain.
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These veneers are then laminated to a substrate with epoxy in a vacuum bag to produce an amazingly stable door. It may be the beauty of a piece that closes the deal, but it's the durability and reliability that keeps the 'Big Bad Wolf' away.